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It was a lot easier for us to prepare when we were about to have our second baby, Isla. We had a lot of baby products, from when our oldest was a baby, but I also didn’t feel like we needed to have everything the second time around. To me, it was most important to have a clean, organized home. Therefore, it was easier for me to narrow down the list the second time around.

At the end of the day, all that matters is that your baby is fed and loved.

Some of our favorite baby products that worked for our family are linked down below. These products helped make our lives a little bit easier during the newborn stage. I know that every baby is different and what worked for our babies might not work for your child. Please reach out to us if you have  any feedback or questions.

The Snoo was our saving grace for sleep and it gave me a peace of mind, knowing my babies were sleeping safe and sound. Both girls slept in the snoo every night and I can’t imagine not having it. The snoo is a bassinet that detects crying and responds by increasing white noise sound and motion. Sleep can be the biggest challenge during those early weeks and the snoo definitely helped in this department.  One of my favorite parts of the snoo is that there is a swaddle that attaches to the sides of the bassinet that prohibits baby from rolling over. When transitioning to the crib, the snoo has a weaning feature that turns off the movement and limits the white noise. This is definitely a pricier baby product, but in our opinion it is definitely worth it.

The Owlet monitor is a product that I would have purchased if we didn’t already have the snoo. Honestly, I never felt like we needed this since we had the snoo, but it is such a great idea for a baby product to ensure the safety of your baby while they sleep, as it tracks their heart rate and oxygyn levels.

Beauty Counter baby products are the only products we use on our girls. To me, knowing that my babies are being bathed with safe, chemical free products is important. Plus, neither one of the girls ever had any skin issues or diaper rashes. We love the BeautyCounter Baby Products  and we would highly recommend them. 

The Nuna Leaf is a safe place to place your baby in while you shower, make dinner, do laundry or for when you just need your hands free. This particular one allows for you to use it as your baby grows.

The Bjorn Bouncer is a great baby product that you can put baby in if you need to get things done around the house, especially when they become mobile.

The Bib Pacifiers are the only pacifiers that Isla liked and continues to use. These were the first pacifiers we tried and she took to them right away. They are also bpa free, which was important to me.

The Swaddle Me Velcro Swaddles  are the swaddles we used anytime we we traveled. Since, we couldn’t take her bed with us we made sure to swaddle her in something similar she would have slept in at home. I also felt more comfortable knowing that the girls weren’t able to break free from them as easily as others.

Kickee Pants footies are great pajamas for babies to wear when they are little because socks never stay on their little feet very well. These are stretchy and comfortable for little babies. Also, the footies are great to keep their feet warm.

The Uppababy Carseat is by far our favorite for many reasons. This was one baby product that I researched for a long time before we purchased. It has great safety ratings, is easy to install and is extremely convenient to use with the stroller. Also, the carseat just clicks right in to the base that is  inside the car.

Uppababy Stroller is the perfect stroller, especially when you have two babies back to back. It easily converts into a double stroller, while still being pretty compact. Also, it easily collapses to fold up and fit in the car. We use our stroller for travel all the time and it is easy to take through an airport. There is also plenty of room to store bags or groceries underneath. It is definitely an investment, but makes total sense for our family.

The Honest Diapers and Wipes   are what we use for both girls. We love them so much that we have subscribed to them for the convenience. They come right to the front door every 3 weeks. The overall quality is amazing and I love the fact that they are safe for babies. We have rarely had any blowouts or leaks in them, which is always a huge plus.

The Aquascale bath  has been such a blessing for us to give our babies a bath when they are newborns. Babies are so small at first and cannot sit up for quite some time, so it can be tricky to give them a bath. Since this bath supports them so well, it allows you to be able to use both hands. It also has a thermometer built into it, so you know exactly how hot the water is. As a first time mom the temperature of the water was a big concern for me.

The Comotomo bottles  were the best bottles that we used. We didn’t end up using many bottles because I was blessed to be able to nurse both babies, but when we did give bottles we used these. They are so easy to clean and our girls both took to them right away.

The Solly baby carrier   is definitely one of the best inventions. I never understood the importance of a baby carrier until I had two babies under two. But seriously, these are convenient to use around the house, for going to the store or for just being able to have your hands free. I am constantly running after my toddler, so it is nice to have something to put my baby in. There are so many videos on youtube and their website on how to wrap your baby in it that are so helpful, as well.

The Little Giraffe Blanket and Barefoot Dreams kids blankets are both so soft and our girls love them so much. They are great quality and if you catch them during a good sale they are definitely worth the price tag.

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