Our Unexpected Pregnancy Announcement

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After Blakely turned five months, we found out the news that I was pregnant again. As you can probably guess, this was a huge shock for us – our babies would only be thirteen and a half months apart.

To be frank, I was worried. Concerned about how Blakely would handle a new sibling. Concerned about my ability to nurse. Worried about how sick I would be while trying to take care of a bubbly toddler. Could my body handle another pregnancy so soon? Were we ready for this?

Luckily, my mood started to rapidly shift after just a few weeks. I finally realized that this was beautiful news; I believed – no, I knew– that everything would work out for the best.

After my previous miscarriage, I couldn’t help but feel incredibly grateful. If there’s anything that teaches you a lot about life, it’s infertility. I finally learned how to be truly appreciative for what I had, how to love life, and how to be there for the people around me. Sometimes, long periods of loss can put everything neatly into perspective.

Believe me, I never thought that I’d get pregnant again so soon and so easily. After all, the first time around involved literal blood, sweat, and tears.


Yet, I trusted in God and knew that he’d never give me anything unmanageable. He gave us exactly what we needed: another miracle baby here to bless the world. After letting the news sink in, it was finally time to make my first doctor’s appointment.

Though I was nervous when I stepped into the small office, it was a relief to finally see how the baby was doing. By this point, I was nearly twelve weeks pregnant and could see the baby for the first time. For weeks, I hadn’t felt a hint of sickness and was incredibly energetic – this must mean something is going wrong, right?

Thankfully, the doctor assured us that everything was right on track. The baby had the right measurements, perfect heartbeat, and was developing properly. We’re excited to officially announce it to the world.

Following the appointment, we waited in nervous anticipation for the next few weeks. When I was at least over twenty weeks pregnant, I decided we were finally out of the woods for a potential miscarriage. What better way to announce the news than having Blakely wear a big sis dress?

Although she’s young, we’re both certain that Blakely is going to be an excellent big sister. Sometimes, our biggest blessings come unexpectedly. Sometimes they can even seem like obstacles at the time. Yet we couldn’t be more excited to welcome our newest addition to the family into the world.

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