What we eat in a typical day

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or nutritionist and we are not perfect, by any means. This post is just to tell you what we eat daily and meal routines that work well for us. We eat simply, and I rarely make anything fancy or complicated. You won’t find a fancy Pinterest food post here, but this might give you some new meal ideas. Obviously, we have cheat meals/snacks on occasion and eat out, but this is what our typical everyday looks like for meals/snacks.

The book, The Wholesome Child, is such a great resource for healthy meal recipes for the entire family. It explains the benefits and function of each food source, while answering the questions most parents have around kids’ nutrition.


I typically wake up around 7/7:30 and start my morning with a glass or two of water. Previously, I would start my days with hot lemon water – but honestly, I haven’t done that in a while. After a couple glasses of water, I have coffee. Since I do intermittent fasting, I typically won’t eat from 6:30 or 7:00pm until 11:00 or 11:30am. In my coffee, I put 1 scoop of the primal kitchen vanilla coconut collagen , sometimes with a splash of the Califia Farms toasted coconut milk for creamer or the Califia Farms better half and some cinnamon on top. I also love matcha green tea and prefer it over coffee. For my matcha latte, I use coconut milk. Normally, with intermittent fasting, black coffee or water is preferred. 

My other favorite collagen support mixes are the primal kitchen chai tea collagen  and the raspberry lemonade organifi glow. The chai tea powder I mix with warm coconut milk and the organifi I mix with water, spindrift or kombucha.

Often, I like to workout in the morning. Generally, this occurs before I eat my first meal at 11:00/11:30. However, on days that I do eat before 11:00am, I will eat 2 hard-boiled eggs without yolk. I remove the yolk as I don’t like the taste – but don’t mind them in scrambled eggs. Egg yolks can be a healthy source of fat, and you may prefer to leave them in.

If I eat breakfast, I will have chia seed pudding or eggs. I use chia seeds and the Califia Farms toasted coconut milk. I love the Minimalist Baker’s recipe. I will also typically drink half a shake and then consume the other half after my workout.


After my workout, I have either leftovers from the night before or make a salad with mixed greens, hard-boiled eggs, hemp seeds and avocado. We often make extra food for dinner, so normally there are leftovers, which makes for an easy lunch. I also love scrambled eggs with mixed greens in them. Scrambled eggs are also one of the best meals you can have post workout. I recently read on a health post from @heathnwellness  that you should be sure to include the egg yolk for a greater muscle building response vs egg whites, post workout.  They are high in protein and adding greens is another easy way to get more veggies in. I will also add a side of avocado, as well.

 I truly am such a simple eater and prefer meals plain, so I don’t add anything else to my eggs. If I don’t have eggs, I will make a shake. I have a few recipes I use, but typically I will make a shake using organic mixed greens, vanilla Kachava powder, a splash of coconut milk and either berries or tropical fruit.


My other shake recipe contains peanut butter, half of a banana, a splash of coconut milk, and sometimes chocolate Kachava powder. If I have a shake, I also have a handful of unsalted nuts from Costco, a hemp seed burger, or sweet potatoes. I’m definitely a creature of habit, so I could eat the same thing every day!


We always have steamed, sautéed, or a baked organic vegetable mix with dinner. Normally, we also have sweet potatoes and a lean meat like grilled salmon, elk steak, or roasted chicken. We try to make easy dinners for the most part, that everyone will eat and that consist of healthy nutrients. I eat sweet potatoes daily, so I will always add them in, along with some quinoa, avocado, greens, and veggies. We don’t always have meat with dinner, and sometimes will have vegan bowls. We particularly like adding beans and lentils into dinner. The most exotic thing we typically add to our dinners is hemp seeds or, when eating a vegan bowl, nutritional yeast.

Costco has wild caught salmon that we always buy, along with the organic chicken breasts. For the most part, we don’t consume much red meat, but we have elk meat in the freezer and my two of my friends own a beef company called Ranch Wives Beef Co.  

Favorite Vegan Bowl Recipe  

(You can pair with any meat.)

Sweet Potato Chili Recipe 

(We normally use elk or bison meat)

What the girls eat

Isla is still nursing, and typically eats at 7:30am, 12:30pm, 5:30pm, and 7:30pm. Sometimes she wakes up to eat during the night to nurse, especially while she’s going through a growth spurt. Both of the girls are big eaters, and have always been that way. Blakely goes through some picky phases, particularly with meat.

In our experience, I feel like the girls will eat what they typically are accustomed to. We try to feed them a well balanced, whole food diet, both at home and while traveling. Although, all toddlers go through picky eating phases, our girls have always been pretty good about eating their vegetables.

If you have a picky eater, try to offer vegetables, before anything else, while you’re cooking the rest of the meal. Another great tip I’ve heard is to always have fresh steamed veggies, beans and lentils stored in your refrigerator. Obviously, you have to be careful if they sit for too long, but if you have leftovers from dinner the night before, they will make for an easy snack the next day.

For Breakfast

The girls most always have scrambled eggs, with greens, with a side of berries and some sort of sprouted grains, with nut butter. Sometimes, they have oatmeal, (gluten free, old fashioned oats), Ezekiel sprouted english muffin with nut butter, chia/flax seeds on top, with a shake. The shake contains greens, Kachava powder, berries, sometimes half a banana, a splash of coconut milk and water. We always opt for sprouted grains or even sourdough bread for the girls.

Unfortunately, many nut butters contain added sugars and other ingredients that aren’t the healthiest. Costco has great nut butters that contain only a few, simple ingredients, such as nuts and sea salt, so this is what we opt for.

The Kachava protein contains so many beneficial supplements and minerals that you really don’t have to add anything to it besides water, but we add the few ingredients for the taste. You can read about or purchase the Kachava Powder. I am in no way promoting or getting paid if you purchase. Is is genuinely what we use and like.

They will also eat chia seed pudding or avocado toast. We always add nut butter from Costco for the oatmeal, sprouted toast and for the shakes.  I always add greens to the eggs, smoothies and typically any recipe where I can sneak them in. For breakfast, Blakely also loves the Coyo live probiotic yogurt.


  • Steamed veggies/beans/lentils
  • Sliced apples with nut butter
  • Raw veggie slices
  • Cutie oranges
  • Perfect Bars or Grain free/paleo bars (Costco.)
  • Unsalted nuts crunched up
  • Half a banana with nut butter
  • Berries
  • Sliced pears/watermelon (in season)
  • Applegate Turkey Slices
  • Lesser Evil Popcorn/Snacks
  • Avocado
  • Siete Chips (Costco) with salsa/guacamole/hummus
  • Mini Paleo Pumpkin Muffins
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Apple chips (Bare Snacks) Costco. 
  • Energy Balls 
  • (for the kids I skip the protein powder)
  • Banana Oat Bars
  • Hippeas Chickpea Puffs (Costco.)
  • Sweet potato slices (I cut these into round slices or sticks and bake these on Sundays to have for the week.)
  • Simple mills almond flour crackers or the sweet potato crackers (Costco.)
  • Little Spoon baby food are also a great snack and both of the girls love them. (NOT SPONSORED.)
  • Fruit and Greens smoothies (We normally use mango or berries, some greens, splash of coconut milk, chia/flax seeds and avocado.)
  • COYO live probiotic yogurt
  • My Serenity Kids Pouches. These are whole nutrient dense foods that are high in healthy fats, with ethically sourced meats and organic veggies. Use code jessicarogers for 15% off your first order.


They eat a lot of leftovers, of either vegan bowls or meat, veggies and avocado. Even though I don’t love the idea of processed meat, we feel the applegate turkey is good, every now and again. You can easily make a rollup with that on a Ezekiel tortilla with hummus, turkey, apple slices, and spinach. Also, we eat a lot of hard-boiled eggs, sweet potatoes, avocado, hemp seed burgers or even vegetable soups. Sweet potato chili soup or any kind with light broth and lots of beans and veggies. Chickpeas, lentils and black beans are great additions to any meal.


The girls for the most part will eat whatever we eat, so vegan bowls, salads, meats, etc. If we do spaghetti, they will eat chickpea or lentil noodles, with elk meat and a no sugar added, healthier sauce, such as kale tomato basil organic Bello Brand and Lucini Rustic tomato basil. We make a lot of grilled salmon for dinner, and always steamed, sautéed or baked veggies, along with quinoa, lentils, black beans, chickpeas and sweet potatoes. Cauliflower rice is also a favorite.


The girl’s don’t typically have a lot of treats and they definitely aren’t something we eat daily, but I have such a sweet tooth, so I thought I would throw in some yummy, healthy recipes. I also want our girls to be able to enjoy treats from time to time. There are actually so many healthier options that still taste great. Please leave us a comment with any healthy, family friendly recipes that you love.

Pumpkin Pie Energy Balls

Almond Butter Sweet Potato Muffins

Banana Oat Cookies

Paleo, Vegan, Dairy Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

(Lily’s no sugar added chocolate chips are my favorite for the treats with chocolate chips.)





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